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Fishing Rod Storage Racks

Since 1997, ColdTuna has designed and manufactured the finest fishing rod storage racks in the world. Our patented design is versatile, durable, secures any type of rod, and is the perfect solution to storing fishing rods when they are not in use.

ColdTuna fishing rod racks provide the solution to those who require rod storage for the Home, Boat, Motor Home, Camper, RV, Trailer....Virtually Anywhere! Our fishing rod racks feature a 3/16" Shock Cord Closure the prevents your rods from falling out of the rack. Check them out here....

Secure up to 10 freshwater, saltwater, or fly-fishing rods with the reel still attached.
Mounting Options
Overhead, Vertical, or Horizontal - capable of mounting to a ceiling or a wall, at any angle.
Maintenance Free
No corrosion here. Hot and Cold climates have no impact on these racks.
Module Design
Allows multiple units to be placed next to each other, keeping your rods in a linear formation and providing unlimited fishing rod storage capacity.
Solid - injection molded unit made of ABS plastic, 1/4" thick! The 90 degree bend at the top makes these racks very sturdy and allows it to be mounted to virtually any flat surface!

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If you're trolling for Tuna, Marlin, Dorado, and Sailfish, we've got ya covered. ColdTuna builds lures to your specifications. You choose the head, skirt colors, leader & hook size. We have virtually thousands of options for your next big game trolling lures. You can also purchase any component separately - replacement skirts, hooks, leaders, resin heads, metal heads, and jet heads.

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Monthly Photo Contest WinnerCongrats to Roy Lundy from Dos Palos, CA for being our May / June 2012 Photo Contest Winner. Roy has a nice setup: 3 sets of Ultimate 10 Rod Sitter's and an Ultimate 4 Rod Sitter securing his rods on the ceiling and wall of his garage. Make sure to "Like" our Facebook page to receive a cool ColdTuna sticker. Like ColdTuna on Facebook

Photo Contest Winner March 2012